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H115i Pro and 'saw tooth' temps


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I just recently bought and built a new PC - most specs in my profile I think.


I seem to be getting saw-tooth temps. eg, at idle as I 'm typing this, the temp is dropping to 42 degrees for bit, and then spikes to 50, whist the CPU is happily ticking along at 1 or 2%.




Is that 'normal'? I kinda expected a fairly flat line. It does the same during games too, just higher temps.


I have the radiator mounted in the top of the case blowing out, and and GPU radiator at the back also blowing out. And there are two front fans sucking in.

The only other items in the main part of the case are two SSD's, so heat generation should not be an issue.


There's a couple of spinning disks in the lower compartment with the PSU.


If it's normal, fine :)

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