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H100i RGB Plat not recognized in ICUE


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Hello, which motherboard are you currently using? You may need to update to the latest BIOS version for your board. If you haven't already, double check your drivers to make sure you're running the latest USB & Chipset drivers.
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No, after a week of pain i did not. Of course i did.


Really? It wasn't an unreasonable request and, contrary to what you seem to believe, neither I nor anyone else on the forum is a mindreader. If you want to get snarky with folks that are trying to run down troubleshooting with you, then perhaps you shouldn't ask questions.


The solution was to delete manually the %appdata%/corsair folder.

Should be done by the unistaller...

2019' Software... Pathetic.

Right ... so every time you upgrade, it should blow away your fan curves, profiles and other settings? Is this what you are suggesting? Because that's what would happen if the installer did that with every upgrade.

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And BTW, using mstsc ( RDP ) iCUE dont detect hardware.

Only working on a local screen.

Just fire ur 'developpers' like really.

This is the only AIO where it cant work.

NZXT, Asus and so on... working perfectly.


Ah .. yes, the RDP issue. This is a known issue and has been since iCUE was released. It's also one that I've requested. This is because iCUE disconnects from devices when the workstation is locked. The iCUE service will still control the pump just fine. But I agree ... not having the DIY devices available from RDP is frustrating.


Part of it revolves around the fact that the profiles are tied to user data. What happens if more than one user is signed on? Which profile should it take? I have my thoughts on this but since you are, apparently, all knowing, your thoughts would certainly be the way to go.

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