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RMA Ticket #850456

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Hey everyone!


Long story short, at the moment I am extremely dissatisfied with how my ticket was handled so far.


While playing a game my Corsair HX 850i made a strange noise and apparently died. Tested with different PSU and everything, thank God, worked fine.

My RMA was approved and here where it goes in a strange direction.


1. I was informed that the model is out of stock, which is fine - happens. And I was offered inferior model in return: HX850 instead of HX850i. The price difference is around ~36CHF.

After I declined such swap I was informed that apparently the product is in stock and will be sent to me after the inspection of the broken one.

2. After the inspection again the product is out of stock.

And got another great replacement offer: RM1000i which is a no-go for me. I do not need 1000w PSU and it is from the line which is inferior to HX. Additionally, different certifications.


And then it gets really strange and I will post a direct quote of the ticket, as I understand is a somewhat of a threat.


Please kindly confirm back to us if you accept such replacement. Please bear in mind that if we get CP-9020073-EU in stock prior your confirmation or our manual booking, CMPSU-750AXEU will be auto ship out to you by default.


Why if the appropriate unit (HX850i) is in stock, I will be shipped CMPSU-750AXEU? I genuinely hope it is just a typo.


Looking forward to hear from you.

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