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No fans detected in iCUE


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I'm having intermittent issues where none of the fans show up in iCUE to control the fan speed.


I can control the lighting to the fans, no issues there.


Sometimes 2 or 3 of the fans will pop up briefly and go away. Now they're not showing up at all. The fans are currently spinning on their default quiet setting.


I have LL120's connected to the commander and light node pro.





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No fan speeds and no voltages usually means something else is trying to access the same information. The lighting is unique to iCUE. Are you running any other monitoring programs? Aida64/HWMonoitor, etc.?


Looks like it might be HWiNFO64, after activating the sensors. I use it for in-app temp monitoring along with RivaTuner.


Closing the app doesn't resolve the issue, have to restart the PC and it seems the fans show up in iCUE again.


I guess it's not a major issue since the fan settings remain the same even if they don't display in iCUE, thanks for the suggestion.

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Disable Corsair Link/Asetek support in HWInfo. That should resolve it completely. Also, unload the persistent driver (optional but recommended).


Awesome, thanks for the settings tips, that fixes the issue.


Also, any idea why iCUE seems sluggish, just bad programming? I heard other similar reports related to the app. The iCUE window doesn't move smoothly on a 144hz display panel like everything else in Windows. I noticed the app is only registering 24FPS; which seems like that's probably what's making it not respond like butter in comparison.

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