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OK, this is driving me nuts. My Ironclaw mouse disconnects and reconnects constantly. This happens sometimes 10 or more times an hour. I hear the Windows disconnect sound and my mouse goes dead, then I hear the connect sound and the mouse reconnects.


Other long standing bugs



ST100 is often undetected, sometimes for days

Corsair service has abnormally high CPU usage

Icue random crashes

Devices (K95 Plat, Ironclaw, RGB Pro RAM, RGB RAM light enhancement kit, Lighting Node, Commander Pro, 5LL fans, 4 light strips, H115i RGB Pro) randomly not detected on boot. It sometimes takes several reboots to get them all discovered.


All issues still present after recent clean Win 10 install.


Well over $1100 of gear that works when it wants and a company that seems like it could care less about fixing any of this in a timely manner or at all.




AMD Ryzen 2600

Gigabyte Aorus B450 Elite

16GB RGB Pro DDR4 3200

2x Corsair "RAM" light enhancement sticks

Asus RTX 2060

Samsung 970 Pro NVME

Windows 10 Home

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First, please keep in mind that this is a community forum. If you want an official response from Corsair, I would suggest submitting a support ticket.


That said, we've seen some of these things occasionally and it seems to consistently point to the USB port. I would make sure of that you have the latest chipset drivers installed as well as to make sure that the ST100 is connected to a USB 3 port, not a USB 2 port.

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Thanks for your reply. I understand this is a community forum. My hope was that maybe someone else had run into the same mouse issue. I have more faith in the community than support. ;) As for the rest, I was ranting a bit. Sorry if it came across wrong.

I have a fresh install of Windows and all of the latest drivers, chipset included. The ST100 is plugged into a USB3 port. I downloaded and installed the latest Icue after I posted but the issues persist. Perhaps I got a faulty mouse. I have a replacement plan with Microcenter. I'll return it and see if that helps.


Once again, thanks for your help and my apologies for the rant.

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