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I may have a compatibility problem:ASUS A8N SLI-HIPERPOWER 425W,model HPU 3S425


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I have recently bought an ASUS A8N SLI mothreboard.

My power supply unit is a HIPERPOWER 425W,model HPU 3S425

When I tried to connect my power unit to my mothherboard I noticed,to my(unpleasant)surprise that the motherboard has a 24pin(EATXPWR1 power

connector,as it is named in the MB user guide),while the the main power cord of the power unit(that has to be conected to the motherboard 24pin power connector), comes with a 20pin connector.


What shold I do? :confused:

Is my power supply unit, HIPERPOWER 425W,model HPU 3S425 compatible with my motherboard,ASUS A8N SLI? :confused:

If it is compatible,is it safe to use it with ASUS A8N SLI?

:!: I do not want to damage any of my system components :!:


any information regarding the subject of this post would be of real help.

Thank you.

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