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Flash Voyager Repair?


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Hi folks,


New here, mostly just so I can ask the big question: can this USB drive be fixed.


(feel free to redirect my thread if I selected the wrong sub!)


It's one of these bad boys:






I'll start by saying it's really old (uh, 2006? ish?) and I don't even know if I left anything on it. If I did, it's fairly important (d'oh!), but I guess that's what I get for using an ancient thumb drive for backup!




Upon plugging into my computer, I'm asked to format the drive before it can be used. This thumb drive is not a stranger to this PC, and it was last used on this PC, although that was maybe 2014.


If yall think it's a lost cause, I understand. Doesn't hurt to reach out to those with the know how though.

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Hello Galexy,


Sorry for the late reply! Have you tried it on a separate PC? If so, unfortunately there isn't anything I can think of to do as far as data recovery besides using diskpart within the command prompt.

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