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Mod for pudding keycaps on all corsair black keyboards


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hey guys n gals,

so i was researching about getting pudding keycaps for my K70 RGB and discovered that corsair do not seem to make them for us YET,(cough cough,hint hint),also because corsair have an odd shaped bottom row keycap set for the windows cap and the spacebar cap it would look odd purchasing a set and not have those caps available to swap out

then i discovered this awesome mod for doing it yourself on youtube,now please be aware that this is not a short mod and you will need to take your time 7hrs according to the video and most importantly this will also void any warranty you have on your existing board if it's fairly new,(unless you purchase a new set of caps and replace the ones you are going to mod),but let's be honest a new keycap set is not that expensive

so if you fancy giving it a go please watch the youtube video i will link below i am going to try on my black keycaps as i currently have the white keycap set on my K70 at the mo' and these seem to be fully white or i would do it to these as well and if anyone from corsair happens to read this thread how's about making some pudding keycap sets available to purchase please...thanks


all credit goes to Maraksot78 from youtube and none of this was my idea so please feel free to subscribe to his channel via the linked video below



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