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The issue I am facing is that I have set my macro to my f1 key, all it does is press c and x with a repeat constantly and 100ms delay between the repeat. The purpose of this macro is to simply farm experience for me in a game. The issue, however, is that after about 2-3 hours of it running, the game(which is normally full-screened like any other game)becomes minimized and freezes with a "not responding" message(you know what I'm talking about). All I want is for it to run 24/7 until I'm ready to play again in which I will toggle it off. Other players do the same thing and can successfully run their macro for as long as they want with no freezing, yet my game will freeze after about 2 hours. I would imagine this would happen on any other program as well, I'm not sure how to fix this so please help.

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