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C70 Distracting noise coming from side panel vibration due to hard drives


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Hello everyone,


I have a Corsair Vengeance C70 case which has so far been great, except for one thing. My computer has 3 hard drives mounted in the bottom disk rack and every time I put them to work, the glass side panel of the case absorbs so much vibration from them that it makes a distinct and noisy sound. Detaching it immediately solves any noise issues, but I'd rather not have an open case just because of that. I should also mention that the case itself has not had any modifications made to it since I bought it.


This has been fine most of the time because my system is installed on a separate SSD and my primary hard drive doesn't vibrate all that much, but it's still a very annoying sound to hear whenever Windows feels like starting indexing or I need to get some work done. Has anybody else experienced this? Is there anything I can do besides buying a side panel without a window?

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