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MAJOR problem with K95 RGB and all versions of Corsair Software

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Video demonstration of problem:




Any game or program that tries to access input peripherals during launch will be in a frozen state for a long, long time. This only occurs when I have my Corsair software installed. Any version will trigger the same problem so it is definitely tied to the keyboard driver. Uninstalling the software prevents this glitch from ever happening but then I can't use lighting or macro keys.


Also, visible in the video, when these programs are stuck in their loading frozen state, unplugging the keyboard sees them all open at the exact same moment, proving that it is the keyboard + driver at fault here.


What can I do? My warranty expired around 5 months ago so I can't send in my keyboard. Can I pay Corsair to just look at my keyboard and maybe repair it if something is wrong with it? I do not want a Platinum as it has significantly less macro keys available, and besides the fact NOTHING is wrong with my keyboard beyond this one issue. The keyboard has been babied and has never seen so much as a drop of any liquid on it, it's been kept free of debris tucked away under my desk, and is nice and clean. This just started happening within the past few weeks and I think it's from something on the keyboard just straight up breaking/going defective.


Any help would be appreciated.

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