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HX1200i Random Power Downs


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Morning all,

I have a new HX1200i that looks like it's randomly powering down.

The system I have has been working fine with other PSU's but I wanted to try one of these high end units so I didn't need so many other PSU's.

I have just installed link and am watching the graphs which all look fine. I've also turned on logging and switched the PSU to performance mode.

Is there anything I am specifically looking for in regard to the logs?

The rest of the system stays up so I know it's the HX1200i that is failing.

I have also reduced the load on it, and it still fails.



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plugged into a groundewd power source correct?


set it to dual rail in icue, and set all your lighting to static (not kidding) and lmk if it still poops out on ya.


disable any overclock/undervolt, and set bios to factory or recommended values. how random is random? if its under load, you most likely undervolted too hard

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