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iCue and HD fans issue please


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I'm having an odd issue with my six HD LED fans lately. When I go to bed for the night, I turn off all my LEDs as I like it dark but I leave the PC running. Lately when I set the opacity to off for the six HD fans, only one fan will turn off completely, and another turns off all but 2 LEDs, but the remaining 4 fans stay on at full opacity. I've switched the connections multiple times on both the Commander Pro and the Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub with no help.


This occurs with both iCue and Link, as it first showed up when I was using Link (prefer it to iCue). I uninstalled Link then installed iCue. The problem went away for a few days using iCue, then reappeared again. I've since uninstalled and reinstalled both programs several times with the same result mentioned above.


When the problem started, I reinstalled Windows 10 Pro as a clean install to try and squash the problem plus it was time for a clean reinstall, but this clean install has the same issues. I am also using the latest versions of Link and iCue, and am using iCue again at the moment.


Any ideas, please? Thank you.

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