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LL120 fan rgb not working.


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Hi guys,


As the title suggests, I have a fan on which the lights seem to be faulty.


I originally had 3 ll120’s, but I bought a 4th yesterday because why not :D


Anyway, after I added the new fan and tested it extensively, I cannot get the new fan to light up.


What I have tried:


- Tried new fan in 4th slot on LNP (lighting node pro) originally

- Tried new fan in slots 1-3 on LNP

- Added the fan to the lighting mode pro in ICUE


All of the other fans pick up when I swap them around between slots 1-3 but what interests me is the following:

When I swap say fan 1 with new fan, none of the lights work.


Is there something wrong with the new fan I bought?

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