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Corsair Strafe Silent & iCuE.


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So i used to have a Corsair Strafe rgb, witch i was pretty happy with..

However few days ago i desided to get the CORSAIR Gaming STRAFE Rgb keyboard Silent. I am very happy about this keyboard "upgrade".


But there is a problem..

The button to save my profile i created on the keyboard memory is not there anymore in iCuE like it was on my other "normal" Corsair Strafe Rgb.

Keep in mind i also have installed new windows, i am running windows 10 pro 64 bit.


Anyone had similar problem like me?

Maybe there is something wrong with my keyboard?


Hope someone can reply and help me with this issue :\

There is many options missing from the iCuE compare to what was there with my other strafe normal rgb.


Here is an image showing my problem, i made a red marker around it:



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Did you get the Mk2 version? If you create a hardware profile


I found out, didn't know i had to make hardware profiles, guess mk2 is very different from what i had.

Thanks for the help!

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