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iCue crashes and bugs


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So I love the lighting strips that you guys made and I even have some ram from you guys that works great. The only problem I have with the RGB lighting strips (x4) + controller is the software. iCue is a buggy mess right now and it has been out for a while so you would think there was time to patch. Whenever I go to change the lighting effect in iCUE, some of the led strips don't update and stay one color until restart. Other times, only 1 LED strip actually follows the pattern and the rest stay stationary. The light strips intermittently work over and over again. It is really a big mess. I am using a micro-usb to usb cable because the provided micro-atx to micro-usb cable was broken... and I couldn't get it to recognize anything with that cable so I had to use my own (another problem). Overall, I am very happy that the lights work SOMETIMES and very upset that:


1) provided micro-atx to micro-usb cable was broken on the inside and didn't work at all, I had to go find one of my own cables and waste a USB port...

2) the LED strips can't even continuously display the correct pattern and often only 1 strip actually does what you want

3) the iCUE software sometimes only affects 3/4 of the LED strips and 1 will stay a static color (the old setting) while the other 3 update to the new one.

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