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H115i RGB Platinum Issue


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I installed this cooler on my i5 9600k a few days ago. The cooler works perfectly and both fans run without issue. The only problem I am having is that one of my fans isn't getting any RGB. I noticed that one of the male connectors on the y coming off the pump only has 3 pins where as the other one has 4. Am I missing a pin? Am I connecting something wrong or do I have a bad fan?


I have a ticket open with Corsair


Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Here is another couple of things you could try to rule out a hardware issue:


1. Start the latest version of iCue (download and install it if you haven't done so yet), then under Lighting Setup, check if it's set to use the proper fans (for the H115i RGB Platinum it should be "ML RGB Series Fans", but check both your fans to ensure they are both ML RGB Series, just in case someone has switched them out in the package or whatever).

2. Go to Lighting Effects->Hardware Lighting and set a desired effect. This is the effect that will play whenever iCue isn't running (on PC startup, shutdown etc.).

3. Go to Lighting Effects on top and set a (software) lighting effect. This will be the effect that will display while iCue is running.

4. Restart Windows.


See if this fixes it for you. If not, then you likely have a cooler that needs to be replaced.

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