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Pls Corsair , disregard if no care for security.


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Just one simple question again. Make your drivers compatible with windows 10 device guard function. Also know as HVCI.


Here's a hint as to how to:


How to build compatible drivers


Since memory pages and sections can never be writable and executable, the first step is to ensure a clear separation of data and code and not to attempt to directly modify code pages.

•Opt-in to NX by default

•Use NX APIs/flags for memory allocation – NonPagedPoolNx

•Don’t use sections that are both writable and executable

•Don’t attempt to directly modify executable system memory

•Don’t use dynamic code in kernel

•Don’t load data files as executable

•Section Alignment must be a multiple of 0x1000 (PAGE_SIZE). E.g. DRIVER_ALIGNMENT=0x1000










Good night and good luck.

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Can't believe your thread didn't get any response but I'm looking for a solution as well. As my HSTI results shows;


Incompatible HVCI Kernel Driver Modules found


Module: silib.sys

Reason: execute pool type count: 2

Module: siusbxp.sys

Reason: execute pool type count: 5068


That driver is belong to my Corsair H115i Pro RGB

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