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3 HD RGB fans but only 1 works. (2 140 and 1 120)


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In my Corsair 450D case I have 6 fans. I currently have 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs, both running into one Corsair Lighting Node.


Lighting Channel 1 has 3 fans

2 HD 140mm

1 HD 120mm


Lighting Channel 2 has 3 fans

3 LL 120mm


Lighting Channel 2 works fine. Lighting channel 1 is where I have the problem.


On lighting channel 1 I can only get one HD 140mm fan to display RGB, the 2nd 140mm only shows one white LED lit up. The HD120 is completely dark.


I want to mention that all fans are powered on and running.


Oddly enough if I remove the (white light) 2nd HD140 MM and plug it into Lighting channel 2, that fan will then display RGB. If I try with the HD120 I still get no RGB. I've tried completely switching RGB fan hubs to see if it was a short in the fan hub but nothing changed. I'm really confused on what to try next.

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Hi bud... the fan you switched out to port 3.. sounds like thats your bad boy.. what happens with it in port 1? lose all 3 fans??





rereading.. fan one... may not be passing data on correctly to Fan 2?


these things form a 'daisy' chain.. if one is not passing its data on correctly if at all.. the rest down the line can suffer

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