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I need a new fan


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I recently bought a whole new computer with the msi z390m motherboard but now I found out that the fan thats originally in my case (spec at the bottom of this topic) doesn't have RGB and you will see that I spend quite allot on this computer so lights are always nice :D

And I got no idea how to start with this, so can anyone help me cause I see there are different 120mm fans and what do I need to add so i can control the rpm and rgb of this fan with ICue so it fits nicely with my cooling system and RAM?

Maybe I also want to add led-strips in the future what do I need for controlling those?



My setup:



SSD: 500GB 970 evo plus M.2 SAM

CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K 3600

GPU: MSI 8GB D6 RTX2080 Ventus

RAM: 2x8GB 3200 RGB

Motherboard: MSO mpg Z390M gaming edge AC

Corsair cooling Hydro H100i

Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 750W

all this in a CoolMaster Masterbox Lite 3.1 mATX

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If you want to control fan speeds in iCUE, you need to get a Commander Pro (CoPro). That will also have two channels for RGB - 1 for your fans and 1 for any strips that you'd want to get.


I would suggest that you cruise on over to the RGB FAQ linked in my signature and start there. There's LOTS of good info to be had there.

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