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Fans LEDs not working correctly


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I have four HD120 fans installed. They are connected to a LED HUB and than connected to a Commander Pro.


#1 is working correctly

#2 is only white

#3 not working

#4 not working (in terms of lighting)


I can see all fans in my Commander Pro and I also swapped the LED HUB with the same effect. I also connected the HUB to the Node Pro but it was also the same.


I swapped all fans around but no matter how many or where I put them #1-4 behaved the same.



I have seen threads with similar problems but no solutions.


Maybe someone has an idea what I can try.





PS: When I first got them all worked and it slowed stopped. All other corsair products are working correctly

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These fans operate in series so one bad fan (which could be #1 or #2) can take the entire chain down. You say that you've done this - did you move around fan 1 as well? Did you try each fan on port 1?

If yes, then it may be that the fan hub is bad. Also, have you set the hardware lighting? Does that work correctly when iCUE is closed?

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Hi thanks for the reply.


I just tried it again to switch them around and the fans that are connected to the LED HUB port #3 (and #4) won't light up. It doesn't matter which fan.


Each fan worked on port 1.


I bought a new LED HUB but the problem stayed the same with the same slots.



"have you set the hardware lighting" - I don't know what you mean by that. They won't be in rainbow mode or anything at the startup. Was that the question?


Thanks :)



edit: Is it possible that there is just not enough power coming from the PSU? I tried different position within the power cords and different cords. But the power used by the LEDs and the HUB shouldn't be that much, right?

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You have to test more than just if the fan works in Port 1.

Here's the process:

Put a fan in port 1. Does it work? If yes, put it in port 2.

Put the next fan into port 2. Does it work? Does the fan in port 2 work? If yes, this is now a known good fan.

Repeat the process with the rest of the fans. Note that both fans (port 1 and port 2) need to light up before the fan can be considered as GOOD.

When you've done all the rest of the fans, take a KNOWN GOOD fan and place it in port 2. Take your first fan and place it in port 1. Check for proper operation of both fans.


You see, the fans operate in series, passing the signal from one to the next to the next. A fan can light up just fine ... but not pass the signal down to the next one.


As for Hardware Lighting, this will be a tab in iCUE. It allows you to set colors/effects (albeit simple ones) for your lighting channels that run when iCUE isn't active. This includes boot and shutdown.

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Thank you for your answer :)


A quick question before i open a ticket. I swapped them around again and wrote everything down. Maybe you can check if I am not mistaken. Thank you


The number are the fans (not the slots) and the order indicates the slots:



1 2 works fine

2 1 only white on 1

1 3 works fine

1 4 works fine

3 1 no lighting on 1

3 2 no ligthing on 2

2 3 only white on 3

2 4 only white on 4

4 1 works fine

4 2 works fine

4 3 works fine

3 4 no lighting on 4

2 4 only white on 4

4 1 3 2 no lighting on 2

4 1 2 3 only white on 3

1 4 2 3 only white on 3

1 4 3 2 no lighting on 2

2 4 3 1 only white on 4,3 ; no lighting on 1

3 4 2 1 only 3 works


For me it seems like 3 and 4 aren't working correctly.


Thank you :)

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