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Issues with 1 RGB fan 140, Ligtning node, commander pro


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I have tried to make it working 2 weeks, so i have no clue whats happenning





Commander pro :


I tried to install first with commander pro


Power plugs were working nice until plug 2 decided to stop, i have tried to plug my 8 fans in it, and it just stop


About the lightning canal 1 and 2, i just succeed to enlight 2 fans and a half, the other are just ignored


I tried with your two software (icue and corsair link) with the same result




NB One of those fan which were working was my back fan, it is important for the following tests





i finally gave up with commander pro, tried to plug with my fractal design stuff (3pins), with success and finally bough a thermaltake commander (4pins x 10) with success


i go to the bios to turn to PWM, all is connected to cpu fan , 8 fans + corsair water cooling


The only thing wich doesnt work is fans statistic in your 2 softwares but i dont mind




As i bought 8x 140 corsair fan RGB with plug material (same price than without)+ RGB strip bands, i decided to make new test without unworking commander pro







The RGB strip bands canal 1 and 2 with both software work nice and follow what i order them to do

(At least something is working with my corsair water cooling :o:)





When i connected a ligthning node pro i have in some case 2 fans working and the other 4 one just ignored


After some try my back fan just stop lightning up and i never succeed to enlight it again, (the one which where working at the beginning)





Sometimes i have only 1 fan and a half enlightened, dont know why




And now no matter what i am, doing with your 2 softwares, i have only one which is working, it just ignored the other 5 fans plugs


And the back fan is still not working even with the plug 1 :sigh!:






As i have 4 ligthning node pro i tested all of them with the same result





As i am completely lost with my results i have only one question


I uninstalled your softwares many time many time,

Is there a cache somewhere with could explain that the software just ignored what i do now ?


Thank you for your help

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I'm having a tough time following you here but let me give it a shot.


So ... first ... with the Commander Pro, do not use anything more than a 2-way splitter. More than that tends to blow out the fan controllers. 8 on one port? That's totally a no-go.


Second, you need to configure the Lighting Channels with the correct devices and the proper number of devices. Otherwise, you'll get things like two and a half fans lighting up. In some cases, however, a fan may be bad. You need to try to rearrange them on the fan hub. One bad fan can take out the entire chain.

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i dont use any splitter


Commander pro seem to have a problem at fan plug 2


i mean there isnt any more power


Anyway now all my fan are connected to a thermaltake and are working fine



I made one more tentative with ICUe, and a lightning node pro


Not beginning by my back fan ( number 8) not working


Connected to the lightning node pro on 1,2,3 and 4 plugs


1,2,3 fans lights works, fan 4 just have a led light up


If i try to use other fan 5,6,7,8 instead of fan 4, i have nothing


in Icue l put 4 fans for this test



I just noticed a new thing


If i clic on central led in ICue , fan leds 1,2,3 follow me


If i do the same with fan 4, led fan do nothing, just the only one at top is light up



On screenshot fan 4 is the last at the right, showing 4 blue led light up but in reality only the top one is blue, the other arent light up



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I had 6 fans connected to commander and 2 on mother card or fractal design fan card :D:



-> switch fan 3 with fan 4 :


1,2,4 working


3 nothing no light for the 4 leds


-> switch fan 1 with Fan 4 :


1 nothing no light for the 4 leds


2,3,4 working



Thanks for your time ;):

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My conclusion is different


In case one fans 124 are working and in case two 234 are working


So we can say about fans that 1234 are working well, able to light up all their leds


The only thing which isnt working is the lightning node pro, it just ignore plug 456


As i tried 4 different lightning node pro, i cannot imagine that all of them have a problem


So i think its something else software ?

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