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internal usb2.0 hub for 2 node pro


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Hello again. from South Korea.


My mobo has one internal usb2.0.

(mobo is Asus Rampage VI EX)


And according to specification,

this one internal usb2.0 supports additional 2 usb2.0


I want to connect ax1500i, two node pro, aquaero(already has one, instead of command pro) to mobo.


So I have to purchase internal usb 2.0 'hub'.


attached imaged is my new figure.


Is it possible to configureation?



Indeed aquacomputer's hubby7 in image has slim usb 2.0 connector(1 slot).

not a usual connector(2 slot) from the standpoint of CORSAIR.


If the slim connector is not configured I will consider NZXT internal usb hub.(2 slot hub)

If a slim connector is also available, why is it made of 2 slot connector in the first time. It is a big resource loss in my opinion.


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