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ML120 Pro LED function

Moon Genie

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I recently bought 2 of the ML120 Pro RGB fans, not realising they are expansion fans. Wanting to get the RGB part of the product working, I bough the LED Fan HUB. After installing it today I have found out that the hub doesn't actually do anything at all and my fans are still just regular non-light up fans.


I'm feeling pretty crap that I've spent $120 already for fans that don't light up and from my understanding I need to spend another $90 on a Commander PRO Link System that might get the LED's working.


Do I need to buy this product to turn my LED fans into LED fans, or is there a simple controller I can by to get these damn things working?

I don't want to get 7 other LED fans and 5 LED strips so a Commander PRO Link System doesn't seem at all worth it.

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To get the lighting working you either need the Commander Pro or the Lighting Node Pro.

If you connect the LED HUB to either of them, than you should be able to control them via iCue.


And you also should only connect one time of fans on the HUB (for example the MLs)


90$ sounds a bit to much. Maybe you will find it somewhere else? In Germany it is about 60€ ~ about 69$.


Maybe you will find an offer with not too expensive shipping.



http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880 maybe take a look here. This helped me a lot

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