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M65 Pro RGB Elite gaming mouse


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Best Buy where I bought it would not give me a refund or exchange it after two months....now I am really pissed.


I am having double-clicking issues when gaming ,especially in Starcarft 2.

and clicking when web browsing like have to click harder sometimes and experience double-clicking.


I bought it on Christmas to get something better than cheap garbage and not to have to experience this again.



for 60 bucks why do I have to experience this again?


in my mind anything like a mouse over priced is bulls-h-i-t-


laptop for gaming I can understand.

ROG Strix GL702ZC I paid 1600....



but,I do not like company's that overprice people for a f-u-c-k-ing mouse or headset....


it is ridiculous to charge people for cell phones,clothing and mouse and headsets way over-f-u-c-k-ing priced...

I don't want to hear someone say to me go buy something more expensive...150 bucks and 160 bucks to me is expensive,mouse and headset isn't supposed to be a f-u-c-k-ing cell phone price or bicycle price.



I want the f-u-c-k-ing software fixed...the hardware is fine...most problems is with the software...only been using it 2 months...it is bulls-h-i-t- that I have to deal with this s-h-i-t-.



I am tired of spending money of higher quality products only to find out I'm being F-u-c-k-ING RIPPED OFFF!!!!!!!!!

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Contact Corsair via ticket anyway. Many companies will unofficially automatically extend warranty period. I know Asus auto-extends by 3 months to avoid the nasty PR of "just died after 2 weeks out of warranty" However, Best Buy is a bit more draconian.


man,I'm homeless with no address but a shelter address.I just kill my gaming more...but I don't want to go through the mailing and package...I cannot afford it....


When I bought this I was expecting good quality for a long time..

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