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H100i RGB PLATINUM SE hang up


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Hello all,


i siwtched from my H150i to H100i RGB PLATINUM SE.


I love the white, fits awesome in my setup. But i have a problem.


I dont know why, but the H100i RGB PLATINUM SE hang up from time to time and i only get it back active when i restart the pc. When i restart icue or the service it doesnt work.


When it hangs up it stucks on lightning and i cant configure it from icue. After restart ICUE and Service the H100i RGB PLATINUM SE disappears from ICUE. Only after restarting PC it comes back.


Like the H150i before i put the USB from H100i RGB PLATINUM SE on the Commander Pro, i also switched the H100i RGB PLATINUM SE to a onbaord USB connection, but also the same Problem.


I did a lot like uninstall/ install and so on. There error is still there.


What i also saw is that the lighting on H100i RGB PLATINUM from time to time seems to jump, its not totaly on flow.



And no i have no other Monitoring tools on my system, only ICUE.

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one pc i built has the same cooler- just make sure the usb header is snug, try plugging the cooler usb into commander pros other header, update firmware- mine eventually worked after the same issues you had.


also, make sure that bios is recognizing your aio as the cpu fan (triple check the dummy is plugged into cpu fan, not any cpu fan 2, liquid cooler etc...), and set the bios fan control to pmw (or just not DC)...also it would hurt to plug the sata in as well as the usb, might be confusing where its supposed to draw power from (i believe commander pro messes with things that handle power and data in one cord)


good luck keep me posted


ps make sure that the micro usb is snapped in, and that your rgb/fan situation is correctly setup in icue. i once had one ddifferent fan out of my five labelled incorrectly and my ram didnt work and still sometimes just changes colors randomly lol

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