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GTA V exited Unexpectedly when exiting/Only when the ICUE software is running.


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I have the H115i CPU cooler and installed the ICUE software so I can see the status and have fun with the RGB lighting. Planning to add RGB fans,etc at a later point.


The issue I have is, when the ICUE software is running and I play GTA V, every time I quit, GTA exits unexpectedly. If I close the ICUE software, and play, no issue when exiting. This happens when I play GTA V in both story mode and Online, and then exit.


I only have the Default Profile that came with the ICUE software. I have not setup a new profiles and have not pointed the existing one to GTA V itself.


After some troubleshooting, I found that the OSD option within ICUE is what is causing the problem, if any of the OSD overlays are enabled with GTA5, in the OSD Application list, then GTA V will crash on exit.


It would be nice to be able to use the OSD option with GTA so any ideas on how to fix?


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