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H100i RGB Platinum Help


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Just replaced my old H100i GTx that was having some performance issues with a new H100i RGB Platinum. However, for some reason I am having some pretty annoying issues with the fans for the pump.


After installing vertically in my case, whichever fan is plugged into the #1 labeled cable (top or bottom fan) runs at a constant 2700 RPM (which is EXTREMELY loud, almost like a full window air conditioner). The second fan, no matter which it is, runs at a 375rpm max. Changing the performance profiles for the whole system, as well as the fans individually has 0 affect. I can only lower/turn off the second fan, but cannot alter the RPM of fan #1 in the slightest using iCUE. For reference my old pump had both fans running at a similar/exact speed at all times and made more sense from a balance/quiet profile.


Cooling wise I am getting a consistent 15-32c even under load because of the constant extreme RPM of the fan, but I would much rather it be far more balanced, and have both fans working in tandem.


Do I just have a faulty unit, or is there some way to ensure the fans run at a much more balanced speed?


Screenshot of iCue:



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Hello, have you reinstalled the software or attempt a force update on the firmware? It's possible that the unit is DOA on arrival. Do you have any other fan control or monitoring software?


Have not reinstalled iCUE, but did update the H100 firmware to the newest version (1.00.33). I have no other software monitoring or controlling fan speeds, only temperature monitoring through CPUID.


iCUE seems to be able to change the colors on the pump just fine, and the second fan does go to a higher RPM when my system is under intense load. Just fan #1 never decreases in speed.



I also have now tried the fan header in my CPU_FAN and W_PUMP headers on the motherboard (Asus Maximum Hero VIII).

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