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TMPIN4 high temp


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Hi evrybody,

Firsty, let's thank you for your help.

Otherwise, i'm going to explain the problem : one day i had a blue screen. Since this day, blue screen prevents me of using my computer. (kind of error blue screen: clock_timeout_out ; critical process error, etc ...)

Since the beginning i thought it was a problem of processor or graphic card. Then i run multiple test in order test them. Nothing wrong. I got a Corsair hydro watercooling, always with green colors (seems to be good)

I took a look at each sensor temperature of my computer and one seems to be the problem of my computer.

If you take a look at the screen below, you can see max high temp for TMPIN4.

This one rushs very easily 70°C and is able to crash the computer after this temperature.

Moreover, the first hour, my computer runs smoothly but after this, blue screens will pop up faster and faster.





So i'm thinking the problem is an hardware problem inside the motherboard ? Am i wrong ?


I'm not the best in english and hope you understood me. If you get some understanding comprehension, ask me some questions. Imma thank you one more time in advance.

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Well, what we'd first need to determine is what TMPIN4 actually measuring. You may be able to determine that with tools that Asus provides to read the sensors - or, perhaps, you can post on the Asus forum to see if anyone has any insight into it. I suspect that it may be VRM temperature - but the VRMs really shouldn't be unstable at 70C. But it's definitely a motherboard temp sensor and related to the motherboard.
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Thank you for trying to help me. First i took a look on asus official website. Impossible to find a tool in order to read TMPINx sensors. I'm going to post something on asus forum in order to have more details.


I have a new fact to add : It looks like TMPIN4 has a link with my graphic card or the processor. When a software uses the graphic card or the processor, TMPIN4 decreases to 46°C, like a compensation with the motherboard.


2nd fact : When i launch the computer at the morning after a long night of sleep. TMPIN4 is about 40°C. During 30 minutes / 1 hour, this one increases until 70°C. At this time, i should not use several programs, the crash will occur faster.


I hope it will help you.

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