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Win 10 reinstall


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I had to reinstall Win 10. I've done that as well as all latest drivers. After reinstalling Icue 3.12.118 one device is missing from Devices list, the ST100 Headset Stand. Also, Even though the other devices are seen by Icue, the fans and light strips remain dark. Only the RAM and AIO have working LEDs. My system specs and Icue devices are listed below. Any help will be eternally appreciated.


System Specs

AMD Ryzen 2600

Gigabyte B450 Elite MB

Samsung 970 Pro 512GB NVME

2x Crucial SSDs

2x mechanical drives

16GB (2x8) Vengeance RGM Pro

Asus RTX 2060 GPU


Icue gear

16GB (2x8) Vengeance RGM Pro

2 x Vengeance Light Enhancement modules

H115i Pro AIO

Commander Pro

4x Light strips w/ Lighting Node Pro

3x 120MM LL fans

Iron Claw mouse

K95 Platinum RGB

2x 140MM LL fans

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Did you reconfigure your Lighting Channels? Remember that iCUE doesn't detect the devices on the different channels.

As for the headset stand ... also make sure that you installed the chipset drivers from the motherboard manufacturer. Yes, Windows will install chipset drivers but they aren't always up to snuff.

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