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Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB issues


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It has been two weeks since I have purchased two 8 gig sticks of 3000 mhz Corsair Vengeance pro RGB and I have been tearing my hair out trying to figure out why my RAM has not been detected in EITHER Aura or iCUE.


Here are the steps I have checked or gone through.


  • Making sure that only iCUE or Aura is installed so that no software incompatabilities exist.
  • Check for the SPD write option in my BIOS and my motherboard (Asus ROG Strix B-350f Gaming) to no avail as no such option exists in all available menus in the bios.
  • Changing RAM slots and in all configurations
  • installing different versions of iCUE to see if it would detect it and still nothing works.
  • making sure my BIOS is the latest version.
  • Setting RAM clocks to the MOBO default or setting them to their advertised clock speed.
  • RAM is detected and recognised in both Corsair LINK and BIOS.


The RAM itself is working perfectly as expected with no issues whatsoever but I wish to have the RGB lights to match my system instead of just FuLl rAiNbOw EyE gAsM


I hope you guys can help me out. Thank you in advance :biggrin:

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So ... there has been an ongoing issue with the most recent Asus BIOS on Ryzen motherboards; it's been mentioned here frequently. And, apparently, AMD BIOSes don't have the SPD write option (Intel BIOSes do).


What you will need to do is go back to an earlier version of your motherboard's BIOS.

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