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Seeking for 3200 on CMK16GX4M2B3200C14 on ASUS B350 Plus


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When I got my Ryzen 1700 in March last year, being a Ryzen early adopter, not much info was available on what memory to buy, so I got these Vengeance LPX 3200 C14 (CMK16GX4M2B3200C14) and hoped for the best.


Well, unfortunately they turned out to be Samsung E-die (not B-die), which Ryzens don't like so much, so I have never been able to get them to 3200 MHz as I hoped.

Not even after several BIOS updates brought the mobo (an ASUS B350 Plus) to AGESA, not via DOCP, not via manual setting of the timings by using Thaiphoon + Ryzen DRAM calculator. No luck.


Now, I'm not settling for anything less than 3200, and I'm not into grueling trial and error procedures.

That said, is there anything I could try before I sell them dirt cheap and get a B-die kit?

Anything I may have missed that can make them work?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, Rick. Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, as I mentioned, I tried the settings recommended by Ryzen DRAM Calculator, which are the following.

AFAICT, pretty much all of the settings seen there go into the BIOS.

I calculated the Safe values, and used the recommended (noted by "Rec.") values for all of them.

As you can see, the DRAM is at 1.365v. The SOC is overvolted by a bit too.



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I would think looser primary memory timings might work but if your not willing to do much trial and error troubleshooting then try another memory kit starting with whatever is on your motherboards QVL list for the best possibility of success.


Note there are several choices of profile in Dram Calculator that may produce different results. Did you try the V2 or Debug profile calculations too?


Are your memory sticks installed in their primary slots? A common configuration for Ryzen systems seems to be slots A2 and B2. I've seen posts on the internet where people didn't install their memory in the primary slots and had difficulties because of that.


Also in BIOS/UEFI I have seen posts that using the secondary XMP profile tends to work when there are two choices available.


Keep in mind Ryzen 1700 officially supports up to DDR4-2666 so anything over that is an overclock and success may vary depending on cpu-motherboard-ram configuration. If you lost the silicon lottery big time with your CPU you might not get up to DDR4-3200 with any kit. It's just the chance you take when you are running out of officially supported specs.


Ram frequency alone isn't the ultimate identifier for ram performance. The combination of frequency and timings are important. If you are able to run DDR4-2666 at lowered (tighter) timings that might be just as good or better than higher frequency with higher (looser) timings.


And one last note just because you can post and boot at the overclocked memory speed doesn't mean it is stable. Use a good tool to do a a memory test to be sure to save yourself a whole world of hurt later.

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