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Keyboard K68 vs K70 and Mice Glaive vs Ironclaw


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I currently own a Cougar 500K keyboard, a QcK Limited Edition Medium size pad and a Razer Deathadder Elite.


I'm trying to get all peripherals from the same brand and I've always enjoyed Corsair hardware (My computer have a Corsair case, memory, power supply unit and watercooler), plus Corsair is one of the few brands that provide decent RMA and regional/custom keyboard layout in my country (Brazil / ABNT standard).


Mouse pad: I've decided to try out the MM300 Extended Mouse pad.


Mice: I'm in between the Glaive and Ironclaw gaming mices. Currently I own a DeathAdder Elite (16.000 DPI), I mostly use it between 1800 and 3500 DPI.


Keyboard: What are the differences between the K68 RGB and K70 MK2? What are the key caps? I never owned a mechanical keyboard before, but based in the cherry switches description I'm between Red and Brown switches, any switches suggestions/tips for 1st time mechanical keyboard users?


I would like if you can give me a more personal feedback regarding these peripherals...



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