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screws for lan party security


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Well it depends on what the screw type is currently securing your pci slots currently, but most likely its a #6-32, you can use any tamper resistant screw with the thread count/size.


Only problem is you might have a hard time finding them in black,and you most likely have to cut them to the length you need.


Stainless Steel #6-32 T10 TR screw =



Wire Strippers with #6-32 Screw cutter =



If you need to cut metric screws like a M3 screw you might be able to do it with the imperial cutters but it works better with a metric screw cutter

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What kind of backwater, shady LAN parties are you going to?


Use Torx head screws on your side panels. That'll fix em.


If anything at all, I'd be more concerned about someone coming past with a USB Killer and frying your rig.


If you're so concerned about someone stealing your GPU, may I suggest going with a friend. That way you have someone you trust there, and if one person needs a toilet/food break, then the other person can stand guard.

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