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Connection names in iCue keep resetting.


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I have Commander Pro connected to iCue, and I named all the fan and thermometer connectors. However, these saved names frequently get reset to the default name like below:




In my case, all the fan profiles are intact and not lost. Only the names of connectors keep resetting to the default.


I first thought that this was Commander Pro issue, but I was told that this could be a problem of iCue. Is this a known problem and there are some fixes?


I also have that usb-connect and disconnect problem when the iCue automatically starts up on boot. Is this related to the resetting-name issue?


I attach my error log here:


Error log

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Oh, this is a well known issue. I don't know why it happens and, personally, it drives me batty. Current versions seem to do it less frequently but it still happens. There is a (convoluted) workaround.


  1. Set your Commander Pro names to what you want them to be.
  2. Go to %AppData%\Corsair\CUE\sensors
  3. See the file UserProps? Grab it and save it elsewhere.


When iCue eats your custom names again:

  1. close iCue (naughty iCUE! Go to your room!!)
  2. Get the saved version of UserProps
  3. Copy it to %AppData%\Corsair\CUE\sensors
  4. Restart iCue (now, iCue, behave yourself and stop eating my sensor names!!)


I have found that it happens most when I shut down and if I close iCue before I shut down, it's far less likely to occur.

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