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Will it fit? 500D SE, 150i w/ 6 120 LL's in Push/Pull, 2080 Ti... will it fit?


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Exactly the subject.


Exploring some build options before I pull the trigger. I'd like to run the 150i in a front mount setup with the 3 stock LL's the 500D SE comes with as well as 3 swapping out the 150i's stock fans for 3 more LL's in a push/pull config. I've been able to find a few setups like this that ran 1080 Ti. It appeared as though there was decent clearance without much issue.


The 2080 Ti is a beast of a card. I've done some "virtual" measurements but without having the hardware in my hands its hard to tell if the 2080 Ti will fit with this push/pull setup.


Does anyone have a similar setup? Or can anyone confirm if this config will fit?


Thanks for the feedback.

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It should fit. I have that a similar and there's 3 inches to spare. My card is a dual fan model however. Odd angle but here's a pic:




What fans are you running at the top and front? Are you using the top and rear as exhaust? If so, what are your CPU/GPU temps like on load?

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