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Icue Battery indicator is frozen in 75% since the keyboard firmware update v3.07


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Hello everybody,


I've got a problem since I updated the k63 wireless keyboard firmware to v3.07. Now the icue dashboard is ALWAYS displaying 75% battery level for the k63 keyboard.:mad:

All other hardware devices status is refreshing as expected (none of them are Corsair devices).


I tried to do this:

I charged (usb 3.0 :) ) the keyboard in an attemp of seeing any change in the battery indicator without success. I used the keyboard in order to drain the battery but the iCue is always displaying the same number as well.


Eventually, iCue is always displaying the same battery level since I've update the keyboard firmware and it seems to be a firmware bug.


I haven't read any comunication from Corsair about this.

Have somebody got the same issue? Any suggestion?:idea::confused:



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1) That purple text against a grey background is royal fail to read. Don't do that.


2) iCUE displays 75% for 75-100% on the Dashboard for their devices. Known observance, just accept it for what it is until it changes. Hasn't been addressed for months.


First of all thank you!


Regarding the first point, I've changed the purple color to red. I think readers will be grateful :) (the bug text remains the purple color intentionally).


For the second point, I'm pretty sure that before the firmware update the battery level was about 40% and after its 75%.


In any case, I'll use the keyboard waiting for a change in the icue indicator.

I'll bring the news asap!

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Hi everybody!


I recivieved a response from the official corsair product support.

As I had suspected, the reason for the wrong battery level displayed by icue is a bug :eek:. This information has been said by Corsair and they are working to solve it :D:.



From corsair ticket system:


The battery level in the Dashboard currently has a bug where it displays 75% if under 99%. Since a battery degrades from 100% pretty much the first time it's plugged in, it'll stay at 75% until they change how they Dashboard displays battery.

You can see a more accurate number, depending on the product, on the settings page in iCUE.

My understanding is that they are aware and currently working on correcting this.

I hope the corsair engineering team will fix it ASAP .

Thank you for your responses :praise:.

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added more information from corsair ticket
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