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Im using this new Icue app and i set my strips and HD fans to rainbow wav.

But when i power on my pc then it looks like my strips and fans are set by some kind of other rainbow effect for defaults, and my own choosen effects wont start before windows has booted up and eventualy started Icue.


So i was wondering if there is a way to have my strips and fans using

my choosen efefct as soon i power on the pc or do we need to wait for Icue slowly load the effects on a fresh startup ?


Ect. if i choose a blue colour for all my strips and fans and then everytime i come home and power on my pc then i have to see the default rainbow effect everytime...

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You can go into Hardware Lighting to have some control over what happens on boot and shutdown (when iCUE isn't running). But, other than that, no - iCUE controls the fans via software; the different devices don't have enough memory or horsepower for the complex effects that iCUE enables.
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