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LL Fans/RGB Fan Hub Issue


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Hey all,


I recently bought CORSAIR Obsidian Series 500D RGB SE Mid Tower Case, 2 LL140 Fans and 1 LL 120 fan for the rear. So I have 6 LL fans(4 120 and 2 140), a commander pro and RGB Fan Hub installed. The RGB hub is on slot 1 of the commander pro. Up until recently everything was working fine. Today I noticed that the rear fan was not light up. This fan is in slot 6 on my RGB hub. I switched it and slot 5 (my top rear ll140 fan) and both light up fine.


I found this as odd so I started to unplug them all and just test things in slot 1. All the fans work in that slot. Now depending on the order after that things will either work or not. Slot 1 always lights up but depending on how I plug the fans in I have results from none of the other fans lighting up to all of them.


This struck me as odd. It's possible I don't fully understand how the RGB hub works but the way I had it organized before was due to how I wanted the fans lights to sequence. It went from the bottom front, to the top, across the top to the rear and then the rear fan. Reorganizing the fans connections will mess with that flow.


Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Am I just missing something? Do I have faulty RGB Hub? Attached a picture of what it currently looks like.




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It sounds like the fan that was, at the start of this, in position 5 is flaky.

The fans operate in series - 1 fan passes the signal to the next fan. If a fan fails to pass the signal down, the rest of the fans won't work properly.

Now, as you noted, when you swapped fans 5 and 6, they both worked properly. That really confirms this.

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