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RGB lighting strip and Corsair RGB fan hub question


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Hey all

I'm sorry for asking this again as I read a similar post before from someone else, but I wanted to clarify my issue and hopefully get some answers that more specifically match my situation.

So, my motherboard doesn't have any RGB headers and as such I'm using the buttons on the Corsair 460x case to control the RGB fans that come with it. They plug into a pre installed Corsair RGB fan hub. I want to know if anyone knows what kind of connectors the RGB plugs are and if I can get any lighting strips to plug into it hub that might use the same connector. Note: the hub does not control the fans, I use the mobo headers for that, the hub only controls the fan lights.

I notice that a part from the 6 fan connectors there's a connector at the end of the hub that isn't labelled, I'm wondering if that can be connected to a Corsair lighting node to control some RGB strips but still using the case control buttons.

As in does that 7th port on the hub that comes with the case act as an input and an output or is it only an input that allows the lighting node to control the rgb hub that comes preinstalled in the case but not the other way around.

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Your post was a little bit hard to follow, but I think I understand what you are asking.


The 460x comes with 3xSP-120 fans. These are the redhead stepchild of the Corsair family. All of Corsairs other devices like it's HD/LL/ML and RGB strips all use the same type of LED and they communicate with the same protocol.


The RGB Hub 3pin port is input only. This can be used for the manual included controller or can be used with a Lighting node Pro. The LNP can control SP fans, though will need to be set in iCUE's lighting setup.


IMHO just buy a Lighting Node Pro that comes with 4xRGB strips. The LNP has two channels, plug the strips into one channel and the RGB Hub into the other one with the included cable.


You can't use the case buttons and the LNP to control the fan LEDs at the same time.

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