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Changing fans on H150i


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I'm not very happy of the cooling results of my h150i.


I had a 8700k and now a 8086k (delidded) but i'm around 37 to 40 on desktop and max 69 in game. AND i'm delidded.


I know there is nothing to worry about but still, it annoys me.


I changed the fans comings with the AIO for Noctua NF-F12


.i'm not sure they're pushing enough air. I saw that static pressure is: 2,61 mm H₂O @ 12v while the ML 120 are at 4.2 mmH20 so maybe that would help?



I just want my fans to be silent on desktop and regular work. For gaming I don't care since I play with a headset so are the ML 120 pro a good choice?


Thanks for helping !

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You need to look at the change in coolant temperature to assess fan or pump speed differences. On an 8700K, you likely only see +4C when gaming meaning fan or pump speeds are not very relevant. I do suggest you not use the Quiet 1100 rpm pump mode for gaming. Where did you mount it? Front or top?


Aside from that, the most relevant information is your Vcore and frequency, both what you set in the BIOS and the real displayed peak value.


Your loaded cpu to idle change is about +30C, which is consistent with a delid 8700/8086 running around 1.30V. It’s your high idle starting point that has me wondering. Room temperature plays the largest factor in this, along with case layout, and any windows power settings.

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