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H110i Extreme Performance + iCue temp-based cooler color not working properly...


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Hello, I recently built a new machine and re-used my Corsair H110i Extreme Performance cooler, case, and power supply from my old e5. Previously, in iCue I had the cooler block's LEDs set to change based on the CPU package temp, so I did the same with the Ryzen. Of course, it's not working properly on the Ryzen.


Instead of changing with the CPU package temp, the water block/pump LEDs seem to gradually cycle through the three colors I've selected. I've tried plugging the cooler directly into the board's USB instead of the internal USB hub I was using, but that didn't make a difference. I haven't tried reverting to an older version of iCue. The color change is reflected in the picture of the cooler in iCue as well. Switching to the H110i's temperature seems to work fine, so the only problem seems to be with the CPU package temp.


Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a known solution out there? Thanks!

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