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Corsair Glaive RBG - Right Button Little Force Required?


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Hello, My Corsair Glaive RBG Just arrived from amazon (my first Corsair product, waiting for mk2 k70 to arrive 2morrow) and i love the design and the feel of it. i was really hyped when it arrived.


Anyway, the issue i'm having with it besides getting used to it is that the Right button is sorta loose or idk how to say it.


Like when i'm resting my fingers on the mouse it feels like 1 more gram and i'm gonna accidentally click it.


This only happens with the right button, the left one is more firm. It's kinda stressful since i can't relax my hand on the mouse.


Is this supposed to happen? Can anyone else who has this mouse tell me how it is for them? Like is this a feature that i need to get used to or is the mouse faulty?

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It's not normal. Send it back to Amazon for a replacement. That should be a quick and painless process.


It's going to be a pretty painful process for me, since i live outside of USA. (Georgia, EU) and used a company that ships products from US to Georgia.

Shipping takes 7 business days and costs like ~8 USD (9 dollars on a kilo n dimensions). so that's like 14 business days and additional 16 Dollars for the whole process.


So yea, after day 2, I figured that it's impossible to use that mouse and went back to the old budget gaming mouse for the time being. I still wrote to corsair support and waiting for their answer.


Also contacted amazon support, they said they'd reply a bit later but it's already been a full day so i guess they forgot about me.

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