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H100i Platinum No LED on cpu block, and numerous (possibly unrelated) crashes.


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So this past weekend I bought a H100i Platinum, and lo and behold, once i install it, the cpu block lights appear to be dead. At a loss of what i should be doing. They don't even light up the default Rainbow color as most corsair products do. Theres also a separate issue, every time i launch rust or play certain games, I get blue screens, such as;


Memory management



If it matters, I also bought some new Vengeance PRO RGB ddr4.

Unsure if the two are related or... yeah. I'm at a loss, and customer support did not respond to my troubleshooting of the h100i yet, and i have yet to bring up my ram.


Not sure if I'd need to RMA any of this, but if you have any ideas of what i should do or swap out. Let me know.


ASUS strix b250h

gtx 1080

Core i5 7500

40 gb ddr4

Thermaltake 500w

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I do have my SATA power hooked up directly to my PSU, and I did reseat the RAM, I'm unsure as if the errors have gone away completely. I did find out an old stick of mine was dying so I swapped it. As for my pump, still no LED on the waterblock.
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