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Keyboard does not work on boot up


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Hey there.


When i start my Computer my K95 Platinum seems to not work, only the Num Lock led stays on. The Corsair Software doesnt see the Keyboard but the PC sees it.

The ICUE icon on the bottom right appears with a red sign and the message "There is an error detected with your device's onboard profiles. One or more profiles have been corrupted or undetectable. The profiles affected will be deleted from your onboard storage and will need to be resaved again.".

The only Solution is here to unplug and replug the Keyboard and everything is fine, and this happens only when i shut down the computer or supend it, when i restart while they keyboard is working he continues to work.


Things i've tried:

- Reinstalling ICUE software

- Soft reseting the keyboard

- Changing the USB Port

- Checking if everything is up to date, and it is




Took a picture of the Bios USB Settings, i dont know if these "3 keyboards, 2 mice, 1 hub" are supposed to be like this..


So i hope you can help me out!



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