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Corsair vengeance K70 Lux (2014) media keys not working


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A year ago I had to store my corsair k70 lux keyboard because it stopped working. Previously I had problems with the subject of lights, until at last I had to have the lights off or the keyboard stopped working.


Today I had a free day and after researching I started to open the keyboard (I had nothing to lose). To my surprise when opening it, the connector that feeds the keyboard was not properly connected (Thank you corsair xd), I got ready to connect it well and try it and the keyboard works correctly, except led lights, windows lock button and multimedia buttons that do not they do nothing or have light. The volume scroll if it works, has logic since it is independent of the entire multimedia panel.


Any ideas? The connectors seem to be well connected.


PD: I have tried to connect in several usb 2.0 and 3.0 and install drivers and the Human Interface Device Access its started.


Update1: I reset the firmware of keyboard (unplug, hold down ESC button while plugging back in) and now the leds are ON, but I can't turn off o more low because the button doesn't work.


Thanks all and sorry for my bad english.

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