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Speed and lighting fixes.


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I've tried this on Asus X470 boards a Tuf Gaming plus and a X470-F ROG Strix. It very well may work on multiple CPU Intel/Amd boards.


Speed: Ram won't operate at stated rate. Try the 2nd bank of slots on your motherboard, if you have 4 sticks drop two test two in second bank.


I currently have my 3200mhz RGB Pro's at 3400mhz.. the last bank timing is increased from 54 to 75 for my stock 3200mhz speed.


At 54 it just would not boot... so 16-18-18-36-54(by spd) becomes 16-18-18-36-75 XMP or DOCP enabled to actually work.


To get to 3400 O/C that last one bank cycle time(trc) was 75, goes to 80.


Now if you have different speed ram, find that value of trc and increase it say 30 see if it will boot. experiment with it.





Seems the recent Agesa Motherboard bios update 1006 busted the RGB for my Corsair sticks, you will need to revert your MB bios incrementally or if you see where it sates a change to Agesa, pre that one. then wait for a fix.

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