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Suspicious Corsair RM850i purchase from Amazon

Jeff L

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I purchased a NEW Corsair RM850i from Amazon Canada (not a third party seller) on January 8th of this year. When I received it the box was not in very good shape and it had a "LPN" sticker over the serial number which I peeled off/ (The S/N does match the actual unit)


The inner brown box was sealed with a sticker so I wasn't concerned that I got a used item. HOWEVER, I recently noticed that this sticker on the inner brown box had another sticker underneath it. So it looks to me like the PSU had indeed been open before.


I have a few Corsair PSU's so I compared these stickers. Normally at the top of these sticker it says 78 P/N and a number. But this sticker (the one that is over top another sticker) says SKU CP9020083-NA. Another difference with this sticker is it has a barcode at the bottom, which is the same barcode as the outer box. (Stickers on the other boxes I have do not have these barcodes)


The Lot Code is 180401814. I can clearly see a different lot code on the original sticker underneath that ends in 7154.


The PSU WORKS FINE. But I'm wondering if it was an exchange (hopefully a new one) for a defect that Amazon sent in. I also want to know if I still have the full warranty. OR did someone pull a fast one and return their used RM850i to Amazon?


Yesterday I contacted support (Ticket #855778) but today I went to login and provide more info and it says I have NO TICKETS. So that's why I've come to the forum.





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I've been watching unboxing videos on Youtube and I have noticed some of these Corsair PSU's have the same label that mine has. Another thing I forgot to mention is that my main (outer) box has been relabeled as well...I'm talking about the label with the barcode, model number and batch number. The S/N sticker, which is separate, is original...and matches my PSU.


Interestingly, I was watching this YT video and this guys box has been relabeled as well. I can clearly see the sticker over the sticker. (You have to pause on fullscreen) And guess what, the label on the brown box looks just like mine.





Oh, and I also forgot that my PSU had that black sticker hanging from it, and those are impossible to remove without ripping.


So I'm pretty confident that no funny business is going on here.

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