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1000D + Commander + HD120 issue


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I have a weird problem with my HD120 fans, depending on how I order them on the fan hub, some are either working as intended or they have a different behavior : they are flickering (all led on the fan), if I set a static color to blue for example, 2 fans will be blue and the other two will flicker in rainbow, not responding.

Another possibility, all the fans are blue, but some leds on the fans 3 & 4 are incorrect (violet/white/orange/red ... instead of blue)


My basic setup is 1 2 3 4 (top to bottom), with this setup 3 & 4 will flicker, if I switch 4 and 1, all the 4 fans may flicker and will not respond to any configuration OR the fan 4 will work correctly and not the fan 1...


I have 8 HD120 to cover the front of my case (1000D), I'm using the 1000D Commander + another Corsair Commander, the second Corsair Commander is used to handle the 2 Fan hubs.


CC LED1 < Hub1 < 1 5 > Hub2 > CC LED2

CC LED1 < Hub1 < 2 6 > Hub2 > CC LED2

CC LED1 < Hub1 < 3 7 > Hub2 > CC LED2

CC LED1 < Hub1 < 4 8 > Hub2 > CC LED2



My left side is perfectly working, the right side is the one causing me troubles.

I've tried to switch the right configuration with the left configuration, the fans on the right side will still bug but not on the left side...


So I just don't know where is the problem, because depending on the way the fans are setup they will bug or work correctly.


I've also tried to test with the 1000D Commander instead of the other one, same issue, left good and right no.


I'm so desperate I even tried to change all the cables (even sata power to a different rail) without any change.


If it's not the fans, not the hub or the Commander, where the f*** the problem is coming from ?



If anyone have a clue or can recommend any other tests, I would really appreciate it.

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It's likely one of the fans. The fans operate in series (like Christmas lights) so one bad fan can wreck the entire chain.

Here's what you do.

Start with 1 fan that's working. Put it in port 1 in the fan hub. Does it work? Yes? Put it in port 2.

Then take one fan at a time on port 1. Does that fan work? Does the next fan work? Yes? That's a good fan.

When you are done, take a KNOWN GOOD fan and put it in port 2. Put your first fan in port 1.

It's tedious but it's better than guess work. It helps to label the fans too.

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Damn you're right.


The only thing to know is that a "cold" fan may work without any issues for 20/40 sec, so after each permutation you need to wait more or less 1 min to see if the fan is defective.


Out of 9 fans, 2 are defectives, I suppose there is no way to fix those fans, so returning a box of 3 seems to be the only solution.


Thanks DevBiker for the help!

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