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Project Radioactive RTX

Let's start a new awesome MOD!:sunglasse





CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K

Motherboard: Asus Strix Z390-F Gaming

GPU1: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founder

GPU2: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founder

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB 3200MHz DDR4

SSD: Corsair MP500 - 480GB

PSU: Corsair RM 850x

CASE: Corsair Obsidian 500D

Cooling: CPU custom loop EKWB

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Let's start this new worklog with a few brutal shots!


Dismantled the poor 500D and a grind pass to the upper panel to remove the paint. Now continue with the fitting test of the new custom panels, this time, completely transparent and the new structure is already starting to take shape.


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-2.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-14.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-13.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-8.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-9.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-16.jpg

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Let’s go ahead guys!


After passing the successful test of the new structure, let’s begin to add the interior panels created from transparent plexiglass. Motherboard support panel, aesthetic panel with cables routing and rear panel are now ready to take place in our mod!


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-21.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-22.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-23.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-24.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-25.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-26.jpg

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Here we go again!


After the weekend stop let’s start this week with some nice updates.


Once the upper panel has been polished and reinstalled, let's now move on to show a little preview of the front panel / tank that will be the highlight of the aesthetic side of this mod. Painted the radiator support and the radiator itself to better match the whole color scheme chosen and then reinstalled in the structure.


Now let's get serious, so stay tuned for the next updates!


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-28.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-17.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-20.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-29.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-30.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-6.jpg

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New update and new details!

Today we’ll focus on the details dedicated to the lower part, often neglected, but still of great impact. Completely removed the original plastic and rubber feets to be replaced by transparent plexi supports with aluminum support bases, to give a nice touch of design to the whole lower part!


Last and not least, the arrangement of two led strips, to give the bottom structure a really nice look.


Meanwhile, enjoy a first look at the beautiful Corsair RM850x in white livery and sleeved cables in the same color!


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-17.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-18.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-12.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-13.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-14.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-15.jpg

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Hi guys!

Today a quick update in which we show you the very first internal panels that will be installed in our mod. Let's start with the supporting plate for the motherboard and the PSU side panel grinded and brought to "naked" from his original paint, just like the other panels seen before.


Let’s start the reassembling!


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-26.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-2.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-4.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-7.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-8.jpg

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Good evening guys!


Today we take a look at some of the awesome hardware that we're going to put in our Mod.


Let's start with the beautiful Asus ROG Strix Z390-F which will be joined by two NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti Founders Edition, classic but beautiful and more than indicated for our project.


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL2-9.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-4.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-6.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL1-7.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-29.jpg

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Here we go again guys!


After a break due to the amount of work, we come back with a new update.


Start assembling the internal hardware with the addition of the beautiful NVLink by NVIDIA and positioned the cover for the PSU compartment.


Stay tuned that we are now in the final steps!



Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-6.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-7.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-21.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-26.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL3-23.jpg


Nvidia Radioactive RTX WL4-7.jpg

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Hi there guys!

The time has finally come to show you Radioactive RTX in all its glory. Hardware installed and front tank filled with a custom loop worthy of this project and all ready to squeeze the power of the new NVidia RTX.

Enjoy the shots!


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-1.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-8.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-11.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-9.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-13.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-14.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-15.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-12.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-10.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-3.jpg


500D Nvidia Lucca 2018 finali-4.jpg

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